This is fascinating fiction. There may be a bit of Walter Mitty in many of us, just waiting for circumstances to lead us to quiet heroism. Bill Hull’s well-known teachings on Christian discipleship lead the reader of The Disciple to ponder possible rubber-meets-the-road implications in this fictional playout of Bonhoeffer’s concept, “it is better to do evil than to be evil”. To protect loved ones and reduce known evil, is it Godly to use violence? Readers who know Hull may find themselves wondering about his alter ego (and for that matter, altar ego) when watching his characters reveal their thoughts and past lives. It’s a good story well told and it made me think.
— Amazon Reviewer

The Disciple

By Bill Hull

Better To Do Evil Than To Be Evil

Michael Hart was the best known and the most successful pastor in Indianapolis. He had built an innovative ministry that was both copied and envied. He lived the life of a star, he had reached the pinnacle and he was only forty. Then his past came and pulled him back into a world he had left behind. It was a world that insisted that people need to be killed. Killing was something Reverend Hart knew how to do.

  • Paperback: 228 pages
  • Published: December 31, 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0991004126

About the author.  Bill Hull is the author of over twenty books on everything from anxiety disorders to spiritual power. His work has been rewarded and he is renown for being able to tell a story. To find out more about his work go to