Who is KR15?

KR15 is Kris Hull. That is me up in the masthead. I like to ride my bike, but right at that moment I was a little bit sad about how much my body hurt. I know. Rule #5. When I am not riding my bike I like to solve business problems for my clients. I listen, I learn, I think, and then I put together a solution and partner with other smart people to execute. I don’t carry any payroll, but me and my ad-hoc team of high-skill mercenaries do great work without totally draining your budget.

I know when I call Kris I will always get thoughtful and creative work, beautifully executed.
— Jason Pearson, Pearpod

Some projects I have had the pleasure of working on

  • Overhauling and Relaunching a global athletic equipment brand

  • Marketing and promotion of a $60-million film

  • Design, Publishing, and distribution of a book with over 250k in sales

  • Transitioning a national mail-order business to e-commerce

  • Launching 7 websites as an awareness & fundraising campaign for a non-profit

  • Designing a logo for a DJ

  • Designing a trade show booth for a global consumer electronics company

  • Developing a Bible-Reading app

  • Designing user interaction for one of the world’s first smartphones

  • Advertising for medical implants

  • Creating marketing and education tools for one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers

  • Creating a social media campaign for a tech product launch

Our Process

Global branding project, Marketing campaign for a motion picture, or a $25 t-shirt, the process remains the same.


Identify Problem


Set Target