Trailer for C/R/O/S/S/E/C/T/I/O/N, A creative studio and long-time partner of KR15


An animated logo for a cycling event.


This animation was created for Pioneer Power Meters to use as a social media tool.


We hammer nails into a tubeless tire to see what will happen. I am a pretty lousy host, but sometimes you work with what you have available. Thankfully, our UPS guy Erik crashed the video.


As a part of the lead up to the Belgian Waffle Ride, we made a series of these “full-sector” videos. It is essentially someone riding an entire section of the course with a go-pro, uncut, so that out of town riders can learn the trail. We spiced it up with some Mariachi music. In an un-related note, in college I illegally rappelled off of this dam in the dead of night.


Trailer for The Hole In Our Gospel Campaign from 2009 (time flies!)


This video was made to loop silently in the background of a booth at Eurobike. To give the tires just the right shine, we used a marathon runner’s anti-friction gel manufactured by a German sex-lube company.