Parc La Quinta

A friend of mine had a project to create a logo for a track-home community in the Temecula area. He called me to get some concepts. I had NO TIME but I can’t resist a logo job. One-hour-logo to the rescue. Here is the brief:

  • The heart of the community is a park with a beloved landmark tree in the middle.

  • The mountains nearby are another signature element of the community and should be included in the logo.

  • The logo must include houses.

The client sent this photo of the tree and mountains:


With only an hour to work, I didn’t have time to argue about including houses. Here is my first comp:


I actually took the time to measure the angle of the mountain slopes in the photograph to make sure the logo resonated with the locals. As you can see, I was bummed out that Modula got rejected from the Monuments of Cycling logo, and I wanted to give it another chance. (This is how designers work.) I felt like I nailed a “clean & contemporary” look, but I hedged my bet and made a ”clean & classy” version with Hoefler Text and a gold color:


Feedback from the project manager: