Alpha Bicycles

I love bicycles, so today’s logo is bicycle themed. There used to be a little bike shop in Vista named Alpha Bicycles. It was owned by a man named Chris, who closed it when he retired. It was a cool little shop that reminded me of the bike shops I would go into as a kid, with old parts hanging all over the walls and a generous selection of used bikes. Chris was great. He would sometimes not charge you full price if he liked you and you were buying some obscure part to fix up an old bike. He also once donated some parts to help a friend of mine fix up a bike for a homeless man.

His logo was pretty terrible though.

I tried to make something that would convey the friendly disarming nature of his shop, and would look good on a t-shirt. I was happy to have the chance to use a script typeface. In this age of geometric sans-serifs, I seldom get to with my paying clients. Here it is:

Here is his actual logo: