Osprey Aviation

This is going to get a little nerdy. When I was a kid me and my brother had this game called Star Frontiers. It was like a science fiction version of Dungeons & Dragons. I don’t know if we ever actually played it the way is was supposed to be played, but I used to love reading the modules and looking at the bonkers illustrations. In third grade, coming down off of a Star Wars high, I thought Star Frontiers was the coolest.

So anyway, one module centered around a spaceship called the CMS Osprey; pictured here with its crew:


So when I decided to do a logo for an imaginary aviation company, of course I called it Osprey.


The Osprey is a sea hawk, so it is appropriate that the hawk head ‘O’ is reminiscent of a wave. I made the logo shades of blue for sky and water. I like to think that this could be the identity for a sea-plane operator, or a little aviation business that operates out of Carlsbad Airport.