Neugent Cycling

Time for another bike logo. I bought a set of wheels from this guy John Neugent a few years back. I recalled that he had a terrible logo, and I was pleased to see he hasn’t improved it. It makes my job easier. He is an interesting guy, and I still enjoy reading the email newsletters he sends out periodically. Here is the old logo:

This is going to be a quick cleanup job. Keep the ‘N’ in the circle. Switch to a geometric sans with roundish shapes. Go thin italic for lightweight speed. Green because I like it. Here it is:

This is a definite improvement, but looking at it now, it feels like a 1-hour failure. Why didn’t I harmonize the slant to the type and the mark? Why did I split the words with the mark when I knew it would look off-center? Why didn’t I do something about the near-collision of the ‘C’ and the ‘y’? I’m not going overtime on this one though. It is what it is. I am going to bed.