Greenwall Plumbing

I had 1-hour logo on my mind today when I was out getting some lunch. I saw a white van with black helvetica on it that said “Greenwall Plumbing” and I knew what today’s logo would be. This company had no design, so I tried to do the minimum to make an identity for this plumber. The obvious thing to do with the Greenwall logo is make it a green wall. So I did. I used Pluto to give it a little bit of a distinctive look without going overboard. From here I could go in a hundred different directions, but I am going to stay my hand. Total time: 20 minutes.


It is not high art, but it is a perfectly serviceable logo, and honestly, I think it compares favorably against most other plumbing logos. Lets do some quick research… here are the logos from the plumbers closest to my house: