About the book

What your parents never told you about God

If you have ever put a puzzle together, you know how important the finished picture is to help you place the pieces where they need to go. The plan of God is no different. Without seeing what God’s completed plan looks like, the individual pieces are difficult to connect together and we humans are left wondering what God is doing.

This book is all about God’s plan for we humans. It begins by showing you what the overall plan of God is. From there, the pieces of His plan are connected together in chronological order. As the individual pieces are joined, then you are able to see what He expects from you every day of your life. The more pieces that are connected the clearer God’s plan is seen. When His plan is seen and understood you will realize it is the greatest treasure that anyone will ever discover in a million lifetimes on this planet.

The principles taught here are not meant to be read through quickly. They are the fundamentals every person needs to know and understand in order to thrive in this world we live in. If you pay attention, by the time you finish reading this book you should know what God wants from your life every single moment of the day; You should have a very firm foundation to build your life upon; Your "religious experience" should have a whole new look and feel to it; And your relationship with God should undergo some major revisions for the better. I know this sounds like a tall order, but when you see what God says about His plan you are more likely to feel this was understated.

About the Author

Mike has taught the Bible in many different settings for the past 40+ years. He loves to help people understand what God has said so they can expand and deepen their relationship with their Creator and Savior. Mike's podiums are hiking trails, golf courses, a beautiful stream or anywhere in the great outdoors he can find a listening ear. Oh yes, a church, a jail, a classroom, a garage, a camp, a seminar or anywhere else he may be invited. Mike just loves teaching and talking about God's plan.

  • 400 pages
  • Publication Date: October 3, 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-9910041-1-9
  • Each of the 19 chapters includes study questions, making this a great book for small groups to go through together
This book has answered questions I have had for years. In easy reading, and frequent references, this book is a great study for myself (or for a group). The author is clearly knowledgeable on the subject and passionate about the Lord.
Take time to read this book, it is worth it.
— Heath Baker